Natural Rubber Processing


Product introduction

The rubber packing machine is a hydraulic rubber packing machine, which is composed of a frame, a packing box, a main oil cylinder, a pressure head and a control box, etc., using the thrust of the main oil cylinder to automatically press the standard glue of the specified quality into a compact glue Piece. The hydraulic pressure rises to a certain pressure through the piston to compact the rubber, so as to achieve the function of a rubber bag with specifications.
This machine adopts more advanced hydraulic system and PLC integrated electric control system, which is convenient, safe and reliable in control, simple in maintenance, stable in product quality and performance. It is a rubber packaging machine.
The rubber hydraulic baler is mainly used in the packaging section of natural rubber production. It uses liquid pressure to compress the granular (film) rubber to obtain the same size and specifications of the rubber bag, which is convenient for packaging and transportation. The plastic bag has the characteristics of non-rebound and uniform size. The packaged plastic bag can be reduced by about 40% compared with the original volume, which greatly saves transportation and packaging costs.
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