Natural Rubber Processing


Product introduction

       Rubber drying equipment chain dryer is that the rubber particles produced by the tearing machine are sent to the vibrating screen by the rubber pump, and then spread evenly on the drying chain by the vibrating screen. The chain belt operates continuously to slowly bring the wet rubber layer into the drying cabinet. , The hot air provided by 2 fans enters the drying cabinet section by section. The wind in the high temperature zone passes through the rubber layer from bottom to top and can be recycled. After each drying section, it enters the cooling section, and is cooled to about 60°C by wind, and finally unloaded at intervals, and the rubber block is sent to the baler by the conveyor belt.

        Rubber drying equipment Chain continuous dryer is used for rubber garden agglomerated rubber and whey rubber. The rubber particles produced by the tearing machine are continuously dried, and the rubber particles with higher water content are dried to about 39% of water content.
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