Natural Rubber Processing


Product introduction

In the dry mixer, the movable knives arranged in a spiral arrangement on the rotating shaft and the fixed knives on the casing move relative to each other. The heat generated by the shearing and extrusion of the rubber material reduces the water content of the rubber material and reduces The rubber material is evenly kneaded. Used to reduce the moisture content of the dried rubber block, eliminate white spots, improve consistency and prepare special-purpose rubber.
The dry stirring device of the dry mixer is composed of a movable knife assembled on the main shaft and three fixed knives assembled on the body. The movable knife is arranged in a spiral shape in the axial direction, and the cutting edge has a certain slope, but when the main shaft rotates, due to a certain gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife, the rubber material is cut, rubbed, squeezed, and mixed. Under the action of the force, push the rubber material to the extruded end. The discharge end is equipped with a fixed sieve plate knife and an adjustable sieve plate knife. The rubber material is extruded from the sieve plate. A certain number of long slots are arranged on the sieve plate. The rubber material processed by the dry glue machine is slender. shape. Due to the repeated action of the radial force of the rubber in the abdominal cavity of the machine, the tangential shear force is large, so that the rubber obtains greater heat. The produced rubber not only eliminates white spots, increases uniformity, and reduces the rubber content. Water volume.
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