Natural Rubber Processing


Product introduction

Wet agitator is one of the main equipments for the primary processing of natural rubber. It is mainly used for re-crushing and cleaning the rubber block after the initial crushing of the crusher. After the treated rubber material enters the pool for washing, it enters the next process.
The main machine of single screw extruder/wet stirrer is composed of a moving knife assembled on the main shaft and three fixed knives assembled on the body. The moving knife is arranged in a spiral shape in the axial direction, and there is a certain slope on the cutting edge. When the spindle is rotating, because of the clearance between the moving knife and fixed knife, the rubber material is cut, squeezed, soft; Under the action of axial force, the rubber material is cut into pieces by cutting knife when pushed out of the material tray. During the processing of the rubber, water is injected into the box to clean the rubber.
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