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How to judge whether the purchase quotation and quality service of crepe machines, rubber shredders and balers are reasonable

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For manufacturers that plan to purchase primary processing of natural rubber, there is an important indicator in judging whether the quotations and services of the rubber crepe machines, rubber shredders, and balers being purchased match the manufacturer's pre-sales, sales, and Is the after-sales service perfect? For purchasing companies that purchase rubber processing equipment such as rubber crepe machines, rubber shredding machines, and balers, they not only need to pay attention to after-sales service, but also need to pay attention to pre-sales and in-sales services to see whether the services of the equipment supplier are professional.

Zhenghe Mechanical Crepe Machine

For example, Guangdong Zhenghe Machinery, as a manufacturer of natural rubber primary processing equipment, has a professional service team. It usually provides customers with detailed consulting services in the early stage, and professional technicians come to measure for free. There will also be a design team in the mid-term to provide customers with one-to-one professional and reasonable design solutions. In the later stage, a professional installation team will come to install and provide on-site teaching and precautions until the customer is satisfied. Generally speaking, the cost of having a complete and sound service team is higher than the cost of not having a professional service team. However, the purchase and installation of a crepe machine, glue crusher, and baler are much more worry-free and secure during the entire process. 

Zhenghe Mechanical Crepe Machine

Guangdong Zhenghe Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of quality first and reasonable price. The purchase quotation of rubber crepe machine, rubber crushing machine and baler is closely related to the quality of the equipment and the sound pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system. Enterprises purchasing natural rubber primary processing can judge from the above two perspectives whether the quotation, quality and service of primary rubber processing machinery, such as crepe machines, rubber shredding machines, and balers, are reasonably matched.

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