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Sugar factory vacuum filter without filter cloth_Sugar factory vacuum filter without filter cloth price_Sugar factory vacuum filter equipment

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Sugar factory filter cloth-free vacuum filter machine_Sugar factory filter cloth-free vacuum filter machine price_High-quality sugar factory vacuum filter equipment

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Vacuum filter without filter cloth

The filter cloth-less vacuum filter is one of the complete set of machinery and equipment for sugar production in the sugar factory.

The filter cloth-less vacuum filter is a series of advanced equipment successfully developed by the company. It has the advantages of reducing the conversion degree of filter mud, no sewage discharge, high filtration efficiency, increasing sugar production rate, reducing energy consumption, etc., and brings great benefits to sugar factories. With good economic and social benefits, the filter cloth-free vacuum filter has been put into use in polysaccharide factories in China and Southeast Asia, and is very popular among users.

The filter cloth-free vacuum suction filter is a filter cloth-free vacuum suction filter consisting of a mud tank, a drum, a stirrer, a distribution head, a drum transmission system, a mud scraper, a curved frame, etc., a filter cloth-free vacuum filter. The suction filter is characterized by a single-head crank connecting rod driving device connected between the mud tank and the agitator, and a spray device connected between the two curved frames.

The environmentally friendly rotating drum vacuum filter includes a rotating drum, a storage tank, a distribution head, and a mud discharge device. It is characterized in that: the outer surface of the entire drum of the filter-free vacuum filter is covered with filter cloth, and the filter cloth passes through The elastic strip is fixed in the dovetail groove on the surface of the drum. The mud unloading device of the filter cloth-free vacuum filter consists of a mud unloading roller and a soft scraper. The mud unloading roller is fixed above the storage tank through a bracket and closely attached to it. The outer surface of the drum rotates in reverse direction synchronously with the drum. The vacuum filter is fixed with a mud unloading scraper above the mud unloading roller. The soft scraper is located below the mud unloading roller and is fixed by a movable hinge fixed on the storage tank. The distribution head is divided into four zones: low vacuum suction filtration zone I, high vacuum washing and drying zone II, backflush mud discharge zone III and backflush filter cloth regeneration zone IV. III and IV can also be combined into backflush unloading zone. Mud and filter cloth regeneration area V. The filter cloth-less vacuum filter is a suction filter with a simpler structure, no cloth washing sewage, clear and transparent filtered juice, complete filter mud shedding, and filter cloth regeneration.

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