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Repair and maintenance of natural rubber crusher, rubber crusher and rubber breaker

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Rubber shredding machine

rubber crusher


Rubber crusher is an essential equipment for recycling and granulating waste plastics and rubber products.


basic introduction


rubber crusher

It can crush various plastic products (woven bags, agricultural films, handbags, rubber, sponges, etc.) into small pieces, and clean and remove dust and impurities while crushing, thereby obtaining clean plastic items, making plastic Recycling machinery can work smoothly.




1. Check whether any parts of the machine are missing during transportation and whether the bolts are loose.

2 Rotate the spindle pulley and check whether there is any collision during rotation.

3 After wiring the motor, check whether the rotation direction is correct.

4 It is strictly forbidden to mix iron matter and debris into the crushed materials.

5 If abnormal noise is found, stop the machine immediately.

6. Regularly check the lubrication phenomenon in the bearing and inject lubricating oil.


With the reform and opening up and the development of the international rubber industry, China's natural rubber primary processing machinery and equipment has also entered the international market. In foreign countries, the initial processing of natural rubber is mainly based on standard rubber production lines for miscellaneous rubber (lumps, lump rubber), while in China, the standard rubber production line for latex is the main product. In order to meet the needs of the international market, engineers have developed miscellaneous rubber production lines. Standard glue automatic production line, its process flow is: rubber crusher → cleaning tank → crepe unit (3 units) → hammer mill → cleaning tank → crepe unit (2 units) → hammer mill → cleaning tank → crepe unit (3 units)→drying→packaging. In the entire process, the most important thing is the crushing and washing of miscellaneous rubber (glue, lump rubber) so that the impurity content reaches international standards, and the crushing of miscellaneous rubber is completed by the rubber crusher.

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