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Introduction to commonly used rubber processing equipment

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Introduction to commonly used rubber processing equipment

Rubber mixing equipment


Open mixer The use of open mixer is still very wide. Now it can be replaced by internal mixer in many aspects, but open mixer still has practical significance.

1. Practical equipment necessary for medium and small rubber factories. Because the investment of the internal mixer is large, and the uses of the internal mixer are not as wide as that of the open mixer.


2. Some heat-sensitive rubber compounds can avoid early vulcanization and facilitate heat dissipation, so they must be mixed with an open mill.


3. Some manufacturers mix rubber materials of various colors and only use open mills for easy cleaning.


4. Special purpose rubber


Disadvantages: Workers consume a lot of physical energy to operate. In a higher temperature environment, they need to mix and turn the materials by hand. The number of times the mixing film is manually turned has a greater impact on the quality of the raw material mixing. The production efficiency is low, the safety is low (work-related accidents are very easy to occur), it is easy to cause dust to fly (environment pollution and loss of formula materials), and the quality of rubber mixing is closely related to the operator.


internal mixer


The closed rubber mixer, referred to as the internal mixer, is mainly used for the plasticizing and mixing of rubber. An internal mixer is a machine equipped with a pair of rotors of a specific shape that rotates relative to each other. It intermittently molds and kneads polymer materials in a sealed state with adjustable temperature and pressure. It is mainly composed of an internal mixing chamber, a rotor and a rotor. , rotor sealing device, feeding and pressing device, unloading device, transmission device and machine base.


The internal mixer is a high-strength intermittent mixing device developed on the basis of the open mixer. Since the emergence of the real Banbury type internal mixer in 1916, the power of the internal mixer has gradually been understood by people. It has shown a series of better characteristics than the open mixer in the rubber mixing process. For example: large mixing capacity, short time, high production efficiency; better control of dust flying, reducing the loss of additives, improving the production volume and working environment; safe and convenient operation, reducing labor intensity; conducive to the realization of mechanical and automated operations wait. Therefore, the emergence of the internal mixer is an important result of rubber machinery. It is still a typical important equipment for plasticizing and mixing, and it continues to develop and improve.


Rubber extruder


It is mainly used for the extrusion of rubber semi-finished products. Equipped with different machine heads according to the needs of the user, it can be used for the extrusion of various semi-finished products such as hoses, rubber strips, wires and cables, medical bottle stoppers, and tires.


Rubber calender


Rubber calenders are mainly used by rubber products factories for calendering tapes and textiles, gluing, wiping and sheeting.


Glue cutting machine


It is suitable for cutting natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other plastic materials. It is especially suitable for installation next to the internal mixer to cut small pieces of rubber.


Rubber cutting machine


It is used in the production industry where various sheets and coils are cut into strips or strips, such as rubber/leather/foam, etc.


It is mainly used for cutting blanks in the rubber products industry. It replaces the backward process of manual cutting that is commonly used by many units. Using this machine not only reduces labor intensity, improves labor efficiency, but also ensures blanking accuracy. .


Glue filter


Rubber filter machine is mainly used to filter impurities in rubber materials


Extrusion tablet press


It is used as the lower supporting equipment of the rubber internal mixer to continuously extrude and unload the plasticized rubber, masterbatch and final rubber.


Rubber preforming machine


The rubber preforming machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency equipment for making rubber blanks. It can produce rubber blanks of various medium and high hardnesses and various shapes. The rubber blanks have high precision and no bubbles.


The function of rubber preforming machine

1. It can greatly improve work efficiency and save rubber.

2. The quality of the product is ensured. The machine is evacuated before cutting, which can make the rubber blank even and dense, without bubbles, and the shape is close to the finished product. The ring-shaped rubber blank has no joints, and the molding is quick and convenient during vulcanization, which reduces the glue of the finished product. Defects such as traces of material flow, lack of glue and cracks in joints are ensured to ensure the internal and external quality of the product. Improved product review rate and grade product rate.

Rubber preforming is a plunger-type machine that is mainly composed of an extrusion device, a hydraulic system, a vacuum system, a water circulation system, an electric heating system, a pneumatic system, a cutting system, and an electronic control system:


The kneader is a device that is composed of a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating blades (usually in a Z-shape) to produce a strong shearing effect, so that the semi-dry or rubbery thick plastic material can quickly respond to the material to achieve uniform mixing. . It is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and re-polymerizing various high-viscosity elastic-plastic materials and various chemical products. It has the advantages of uniform mixing, no dead ends and high kneading efficiency. It is widely used in high-viscosity sealants, silicone rubber.

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